Sonoma (Outdoor) Slat 3 Seater Sofa- Dove/Teak

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Material: Teak
Finish: Natural Sanded

Cushion cover

Material: Sunproof Fabric
Colour: Dove Grey

Cushion insert

Material: Quick Dry Foam (Outdoor)


Height: 600mm

Product Care - Teak Frame

Our outdoor teak products are unsealed.

Teak has a high level of natural oils which increases its stability and longevity. Over time, these oils will migrate to the surface of the timber, this is called oil surfacing. This is a normal characteristic, particularly in New Teak. 

To help prevent damage, monthly cleaning and maintenance of your outdoor furniture is recommended.

General Cleaning

To clean outdoor teak tables, use a non-metallic brush to gently scrub the surface of the wood in the same direction as the grain. Do not use too much force. After cleaning, use a hose to rinse off the teak furniture to get rid of any cleaning solution and dirt residue. Do not use a pressure cleaner as it may damage the wood.

After cleaning, pat the wood dry with a towel and let the sun dry up the remaining moisture. If this does not remove the mould, some light sanding may be required.

A teak protector may be applied. Do not use Teak Oil as this can cause irregular colouring or mildew. 

  • Our outdoor teak products are unsealed
  • Store in a dry place during the winter or rainy months.
  • When cleaning, never mix chlorine bleach and ammonia-based cleaners which creates a dangerous chlorine gas
  • Expensive or antique furniture may need to be treated by professionals, especially if the mould and mildew growth is extensive.
  • Since mould is caused by too much moisture, there’s a good chance mould-infested furniture will be damp. Dry out by sitting in direct sunlight for several hours before starting to clean.
  • Please note the location of the furniture and the surrounding elements will play a part in the mould/mildew forming/reforming.

How to maintain the natural teak colouring; If you wish to maintain the Natural Teak golden brown colour, clean teak furniture with water which has a mild detergent in it. Use a soft bristled brush to gently scrub the furniture.

Once cleaned, rinse the furniture thoroughly to get rid of any cleaning solution and dirt residue. Apply a teak protector to furniture. Do not use Teak Oil as this can cause irregular colouring or mildew. Do not use a power washer.


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