Nourish Bowls

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Nourish bowl, hippie bowl, buddha bowl, rainbow veggie bowl, poke bowl,glow bowl - these are just some of the names given to one of the mostprevalent current food trends. Search for any of those names as a tagwithin Instagram and you’ll be treated to a kaleidoscope of images of hearty,wholesome meals in a bowl. The basic premise of the nourish bowl is simpleto follow: build a layered bowl with a leafy greens base, add raw or cookedvegetables or fruits, include a protein-rich element along with some healthyfats, keep the carbs to a minimum and then top with a final extra flourishin the form of a dressing, seeds or berries. While the ideal nourish bowlshould contain each element in the prescribed proportions - with the greateremphasis on healthy vegetables and fruit - there is huge variety possiblewith the nourish bowl concept. With countless combinations of vegetables,grains, meat and fish, this book gives meal-time inspiration for creatinginventive and delicious bowl of health-giving food. A nourish bowl can bequick and simple to prepare, with many elements being eaten raw. With everyrecipe photographed, showing the beautiful finished nourish bowl, eating wellhas never been so enticing or easy.

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