Fermob | Balad Lamp - 38cm

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These portable lamps have revolutionised our approach to lighting. Created by designer Tristan Lohner, the Balad H38 lamp enjoys the very best of Fermob’s know-how. Behind the beautifully rounded design, this large portable led lamp contains all the technology required to ensure a multitude of uses. A portable lamp that is useful, fun and stylish, just like our brand!

In this XXL version, the Balad H38 lamp has everything that made its little sister such a success. Its rounded polyethylene diffuser emits a light output of 150 Lm and still offers a range of lighting scenarios that can be selected in just a few clicks. With its carefully selected colour temperatures (2300°K, 4000°K and 6000°K) and intensity settings (50% and 100%), this decorative portable lamp can provide soft light or a more subdued atmosphere, depending on the mood. It even has a flicker mode that imitates the dancing flame of a candle. Enough to keep your family and friends up all night long!

The H38 also has the signature element of the Balad collection, the emblematic coloured aluminium handle. Ergonomically shaped, inspired by headphones, this is what turns the table lamp into a portable lamp. Indoors or out, in your home or further afield, just grab your autonomous portable lamp and take it with you, wherever you go. In a park, on a terrace or at the bottom of the garden, it promises beautiful evenings with its 16-hour battery life. What’s more, it can be recharged quickly and easily via USB cable. It can also be taken apart and repaired to last even longer. We already love it... 

Designed By Tristan Lohner

Specifications Portable lamp with polyethylen diffuser and aluminium frame

Dimensions H 38 cm x Ø 28 cm // Weight 1.21 kg