Kristina Dam | Dual Vase - Small

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The Dual Vases are all made of thick hand blown glass and painted in soft colours: The smallest vase in the dual vase series is painted with a deep Ocher colour. Turn the vase 180 degrees and use either the vase top or bottom as the vessel – in that way you’ll have two vases in one.

This handsome danish design vase gives its user a dual functionality. Use either the top or bottom part of the glass as a vase, depending on the vessel size needed. Produced in the EU and designed in Denmark by Kristina Dam Design Studio. The deep other colour provides a warm atmosphere that enhances the subtle lines of the dual vase. A modern and minimalistic vase from the northern hemisphere with a contemporary look. The glass vases come in different sizes and colours to suit your floral requirements.




SMALL: 7 Ø x 10,5 Ø x 16,8 H  cm 


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