Billiani | W. 605 Dining Chair - Beechwood

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Billiani; Made in Italy since 1911. 

Fabrizio Gallinaro reinterpreted the classic Windsor chair, adapting it to the contemporary spirit of Billiani. So was born W., which, right from the choice of name, declares the process of reduction and subtraction of which it is the result. Originating in England in the late eighteenth century and subsequently popular in America, the Windsor is one of the most prolific types of chair in the history of design. It is characterised by its unmistakable backrest with curved horizontal element and spindles that fit into the seat.
It is precisely on these elements, and also more generally on all the elements that make up the chair, that Gallinaro worked, reducing the material to a minimum and redesigning the angles and ratios between the parts.

Classically contemporary, W. comes in a series of variants including rocking chair, the first ever rocking chair made by Billiani.

Available in a range of finishes & styles. 

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